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Last Updated on September 4, 2022

Images: 0800-051 to 0800-100 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.

Many old photographs and stories of the history of Darwin


Please share this story with your family and friends so that they can read about the Darwin stories, its history,  and what it has to offer tourists. 

Thank you very much, Don...

Darwin Gallery Index. Images 0800-051 to 0800-100

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Images: 0800-001 to 0800-050 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-051 to 0800-100 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-101 to 0800-150 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-151 to 0800-200 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
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Table of Contents

The Stories:

0800-051 Darwin Train transport to the Adelaide River picnic 1921.

Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/749164
Collection: S. S. Godfrey

On the way to Adelaide River picnic. Sign on the side of the carriage reads "Respectable special drunks 1 Bottle Beer admission, Reserved, Reserved, for Bank Clerks and others".

Posted 6-November-2021.


0800-052 Town Hall, Darwin (Palmerston), Northern Territory. 1895.

Part of Album Collection
Subject Municipal buildings - Northern Territory - Darwin
  • Quoting northernterritory.com

    The Town Hall ruins are all that remain of the original Palmerston Town Hall designed in 1882 and completed in 1883.

    It was used for civic purposes until the Navy occupied it during the war years. When peace returned, the building was used as office space by the Museum and Art Galleries Board.

    The building was so severely damaged by Cyclone Tracy in 1974 that it was not rebuilt. The remains were stabilised in 1980 since when the ruins have been developed as a public open space and visual arts performance venue. Conservation works are effected from time to time.

Ably assisted by Mick Gulovsen with this colourisation.

Posted 2-November-2021.

0800-053 Brown, Harriet Ellen (nee Wedd) Family. Darwin. Circa 1910s.

Creator: Gray, Ruthie
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/525103
Related items: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/525106
Collection: StoryNT
I am wondering if this Brown family is the same Brown family that set up Brown's Mart in Smith street.

Brown's Mart is the oldest building in the city centre being built in 1885 as a Mining Exchange by Mr. Brown who was a trader and a Mayor of Darwin. However I am having trouble tying in this Mr Brown, with the family in this photograph.

Looking at this photo, I have almost convinced myself that we have a Nanny and a Housekeeper standing at the rear of the family. Then possibly a husband, a wife and an older parent of one of them, along with five beautiful children.

A fantastic image for the era. Could this be the builder-owner of Brown's Mart, and possibly the Mayor of Darwin?

Info from KC Martin-Stone
Okay, so I had a bit of a dig in the NT Dictionary of Biography. This Harriet Brown is not related to the Browns of Browns Mart, as far as I can tell. She may have married into the family, but I can’t find any evidence of that.VV Brown (Victor Voules Brown, 1841-1910) ran Browns Mart. He was married to Julia Solomon, who was the daughter of VL Solomon (after whom our federal electorate is named). After Julia’s death, he married Eliza Tuckwell II, in 1901. Between them, they had 18 children, 14 of whom outlived VV. It’s possible that Harriet Brown (née Wedd) married one of the sons of Julia and VV, but I haven’t found evidence of that.The interesting thing is that VV Brown’s mother was also Harriet Brown (née Perkins). So that may have led to some confusion about the connections of the Harriet Brown in the pictures.

Posted 3-November-2021.


0800-054 Aerial view of Darwin Harbour and Administration area 1930.

Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/325372
Collection: Don Purdon Collection
Aerial view of Harbour and Administration area Port Darwin.
Government House (Darwin, N.T.)

Posted 4-November-2021.


0800-055 Darwin Gardens - Tree cutters will be shot. Circa 1945.

Dates / Publication details 1945
Photographer: Nicholas, R. P
Darwin (N.T.)
Summary: Close up of a sign nailed to a tree which reads 'Any person cutting trees in these gardens will be shot'.

Not exactly a photo of historical significance, but will possibly start a thread of some interest.
The Botanical Gardens?

One of the photographs from an album compiled by R.P. Nicholas, relating to his war service with the 87th Squadron, which was based at the Coomalie Creek base about 100 km south of Darwin. Other photographs from the album may be viewed by doing a number search on PRG 1435/4.

Posted 5-November-2021


0800-056 Soldiers marching past the Victoria Hotel, Darwin 1930.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/748743
Collection: Coral Crombie-Brown Collection
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Collection: Peter Spillett Collection
At 11 O'clock on the 11-November 1918, peace was declared in Europe. First known as Armistice Day. Now known as Remembrance Day.
Soldiers marching past the Commercial Bank and Victoria Hotel, Smith Street. 1930

This is 12 years before Darwin was first bombed in Feb 1942.

Posted 11-November-2021.

0800-057 A group on a beach. One man holds a kite. Darwin 1890

Approximately 1890
Photographer: Foelsche, P
Collection: Part of Northern Territory Collection
Subject: Picnics - Northern Territory - Darwin
A group of men, women and children on a beach; one man holds a kite. 1890.

Bryan Clark:
Fannie bay beach near the lake at East Point?

Posted 7-November-2021


0800-058 The fashion trends, Darwin, ca 1910.

Sorry folks, found several copies of this photo on the web, but couldn't find a known source.
The fashion trends, female and male in Darwin, Northern Territory, ca 1910.

Posted 8-November-2021

Not a great photo, but proof positive that the party was held at the Residency in 1910.

Garden party at the Residency 1910

Collection: Campbell, James Pinkerton.


0800-059 Darwin Pickwick Club. 1890.

Subject Pickwick Club (Darwin, N.T.)
Pioneers -- Northern Territory -- Darwin

Description: Group photograph of members of the Port Darwin Pickwick Club.
Approximately 1890 Collection: Part of Darwin Collection

Standing from left;
Kelsey, Barnes, Price, C Davis, Godwin, Holden, Tullidge, Bell, Allen, Peake, Adcock;

Sitting from left;
Holtze, John Kilgour, Little, Mercer, Stevenson, Witherden, Goldsmith, Wurm, Burgoyne

The Pickwick Club was a membership of gentlemen that discussed matters of local importance. These meetings generally took place at a luncheon at the Vic hotel. Another club during the same era was the Dingo Glee Club.

Below is a link to an ABC audio that mentions the club and displays the same photo on their site. This gives the image date of 1/6/1901.

Posted 9-November-2021

0800-060 Theatrical group at the Town Hall. Darwin 1921.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/748987
Collection: S. S. Godfrey Collection
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Darwin group, possible theatrical group in Chinese costumes outside old Town Hall. Arrow is S. S. Godfrey

Posted 10-November-2021

Andrew King found the Newspaper article on the "Mikado" performance. Thanks Andrew.


0800-061 Opening Ceremony Darwin-Pine Creek Railway. 1887.

Part of Darwin Collection
Subject Railroads - Northern Territory - Darwin
Opening ceremony Darwin-Pine Creek Railway - 1 October 1889. A letter from JY Harvey, dated 1962, of the Australian Railway Historical Society which accompanies this photograph suggests that the event captured in the photograph is actually the christening of the locomotive which took place on 19th July

A banquet was held in the Palmerston Town Hall. Mrs Paper, wife of the respected Judge was requested to perform the ceremony. The Millars Brothers First Locomotive cost the firm at least five hundred pounds and was christened "Port Darwin". By September 14th, 1889 the railway line was complete and handed
over to the Government on October 4th, 1889 with little ceremony or fuss.

Andrew King:
A little confusion here over the date: NT Library has the date of the photo taken as 1-Sep-1888, and State library of SA has it at 1889, while Wikipedia says "The line reached Pine Creek in 1888 and officially opened on 30 September 1889" but the following article from NT Times & Gazzette is dated Saturday 23 July 1887 and refers to the ceremony as having taken place "last Tuesday" This would make the date 19 July 1887!

"The ceremony of christening the first locomotive on the Palmerston and Pine Creek Railway, was performed on the Stacking Ground last Tuesday by Mrs. T. K. Pater, in the presence of perhaps the largest crowd that has ever assembled in Palmerston."

Also from the article: The locomotive " Port Darwin " is a six wheel coupled bogie engine, with outside cylinders of 12" día. 24in. stroke, lying at an angle of 16° ; wheels 3 feet diameter, except on bogie where they are 15" dia. The footplate is covered with a neat cab for the protection of the driver and fireman. The tender is four wheeled," and capable of carrying 900 gallons of water, as well as a liberal supply of fuel. The "Port Darwin" was manufactured by Messrs. Beyer de Peacock, of Manchester.

The "Sandfly" was actually the first locomotive in Darwin but was only a small loco used on the construction of the railway and later as a shunter.

Posted 13-November-2021


0800-062 Four Army ladies. Laundry day WWII Darwin

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/317988
Collection: Edna Gobby Collection
World War, 1939-1945 - Northern Territory - Darwin
Left to Right: Mary Sangster, Winnie Mosscrop, Edna Leach, Betty Tonkinson hanging out washing, unit unknown.

Posted 19-November-2021


0800-063 Hellen & Marcia Izod 1957. Darwin

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/748518
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Collection: Izod Collection
Hellen (Ellen) and Marcia Izod at an engagement party Darwin 1957.

Posted 14-November-2021


0800-064 Darwin Advisory Council, Group portrait. 1919.

Darwin Advisory Council, Group portrait.

left to right: E. Copley Playford (Chief Warden, representing the Director of Mines); H M Trowers (Director of Lands and Survey); Nicholas Waters
(Inspector of Police and Acting Government Secretary).

A. Ray (Mining Industry); H. Nelson (Labor); H.E. Carey (Director of the L.T. and Chairman; W. Ryan (Labor). The representative of the Pastoral Industry. Thomas Baylis was absent.

Posted 15-November-2021


0800-065 Smith Street Mall Darwin following Cyclone Tracy. 1979.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/728621
Collection: Northern Territory Government Photographer Collection
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Smith Street Mall, showing Vic Hotel after reconstruction following Cyclone Tracy

Posted 16-November-2021

0800-066 Ship Repair Stokes Wharf Port Darwin 1890.

Creator Bleeser, Florenz A. K., 1871-1942. Published ca. 1890.
Series Florenz Bleeser collection of photographs of Palmerston, [i.e. Darwin] and the Northern Territory, ca. 1890-1900.
Part Of In collection: Florenz Bleeser collection of photographs of Palmerston, [i.e. Darwin] and the Northern Territory, ca. 1890-1900
Ship being winched into [or out of] water at Darwin Jetty, Palmerston [i.e. Darwin], ca. 1890 / Florenz Bleeser.

Posted 17-November-2021

Derek Pugh 17-Nov-2021:
Something odd about this 'c1890' picture. In 1890 the Darwin Jetty was curved (this might be curved but looks straight in this section at least), and there was only one rail line upon it (so suggests later than 1890). Stokes Hill had a large house on it where the Millar brothers lived while the railway was built - maybe destroyed in the 1897 cyclone. Stokes Hill also had a lot of bamboo growing on it in the 1880s. Could this be another harbour entirely or the photo much later - around 1903 with the new jetty?

Found in it the National Library collection labelled 'Boat being winched to dry dock, Palmerston, former name of Darwin, ca. 1897'. Perhaps the Millar's house was removed before the cyclone. https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/34505419

0800-067 From the balcony of the Vic Hotel Darwin in the 1960s.

Photo Source: Unknown.

Andrew King
Here is the view of Smith Street from the balcony of the Vic Hotel in the 1960s. Looks like it must have been taken shortly after a shower.
(Sorry Andrew, I couldn't see a Standard Vanguard Ute.)

Posted 20-November-2021


0800-068 Mindil Beach Caravan Park Darwin before the casino. 1970s.

Original Photo Courtesy of Richard Turner.
Colour enhanced and sharpened.

Posted 18-November-2021


0800-069 View looking south-east along Mitchell Street Darwin. 1879.

Library & Archives NT
Foelsche, P. (Paul), 1831-1914
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/452699
Collection: Foelsche Photograph Album

"Mitchell St 1879". View looking south-east along Mitchell Street. In foreground is a man with a broom next to a buggy. In the background at right is the Police Barracks and at left is the store of "V.L. Solomon and Co". A number of people
stand in doorways and watch the photographer

As Mitchell Street no longer goes through to the Esplanade, I feel the photo would have been taken from around about the NT Library, looking towards the Supreme Court.

Posted 21-November-2021

0800-070 Albert MacDonald and his Swift No 1 Light Roadster 1898. Darwin.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/734499
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT  
Collection: Peter Spillett Collection
Darwin Stokes Hill Wharf

Albert MacDonald and his Swift No 1 Light Roadster fitted with Dunlop Roadster tyres. He rode from Adelaide to Darwin (2066 miles in 28 days, 15 hours and 30 mins). He left Port Darwin at 6.15am Monday 22 August 1898 arriving GPO Victoria Square Adelaide 9.45pm 19 September and then went on to Melbourne. The Adelaide-Darwin record was not broken until 1914 by Ted (Ryko) Reichenbach. Darwin Wharf, near path up to town.

Posted 22-November-2021

0800-071 Darwin. Diver about to make a descent. 1890.

Original Photo Source: SLSA
Citation address: https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/resource/B+53746

DARWIN: A diver about to make a descent during the construction of a new jetty. Approximately 1890

Posted xx-November-2021


0800-072 Darwin Aerial view railway yards 1932.

Original Photo Source: J.C. Buscall Photo number: PH0170/0159
Photographer: Buscall Collection, PictureNT
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/655149

Aerial view of Stokes Hill, Wharf and Frances Bay about 1932. Darwin Train Station is out of shot to the bottom. This is the goods yard.

The ship beached on the left edge of the photo?

Andrew King

WARREGO: 1,552 gross tons, 867 net. Lbd: 250' x 36'2" x 22'8". Steel steamship built by William Doxford & Sons, Sunderland for QSS Co's Australian passenger coastal trade. Designed especially for the 'trade war' with the ASN Co, Of AUSN April 1887. Laid up and sold 1912 to the Royal Australian Navy and converted into a storeship, towed by ss Coolgardie to Darwin, Northern Territory, October 1913. In 1919, a cyclone blew the old ship, with 600 tons of coal on board, high on the beach near the Darwin wharf. 1942 was subjected to Japanese bombing raids. In 1960, her remains lay on the beach at a spot where a landfill was required for a power station. The ship's remnants were simply covered over, remaining hidden there to this day Read more at the wrecksite.

Posted 25-November-2021


Stella Maris (old railway workers building) is hard to pick because of the different photo heights, and changes over the years, but it is near the end of the red arrow.

0800-073 First Palmerston. Telegraph Station 1870. Darwin.

Original Photo Source: SL-of-SA Darwin [B 9744]
Photographer: Sweet, Samuel White

Palmerston. First temporary Telegraph Station showing a wooden building with a thatched roof
surrounded by a rustic fence all in a clearing among the trees. A man is standing holding a rifle at the corner of the building.

Posted 24-November-2021

0800-074 Group of working men from the Northern Territory 1895. Darwin.

Approximately 1895 Collection. Part of Northern Territory Collection

Group of working men from the Northern Territory 1895.

Posted 27-November-2021


0800-075 Alfred Chin's wedding. Darwin.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/751145
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT  
Collection: Darwina & William Fong Collection Darwin

Marriage of Alfred Chin to Mabel.

From left to right.

Charles See Kee, Percy Chin, Valerie Pak and Pat Wu

Posted 26-November-2021


0800-076 Paul Foelsche and Group. 1890. Darwin.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/333045
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT  
Collection: Peter Spillett Collection

Two women are sitting in the middle, surrounded by seven men. The man on the right seated is Inspector Paul Foelsche

Posted 28-November-2021

Gary Lee 28-Nov-2021:
My great great great grandfather George McKeddie on the left. He was from a large Scottish family who sold up everything and migrated to Australia, Melbourne. In his early twenties he moved to Darwin where he spent the next 50 years owning various businesses also in Katherine. He had two children - Magdaleine (Lily) and Jack McKeddie with Larrakia woman Annie Duwun. Later with McKeddie’s blessing seventeen year old Lily married Antonio Cubillo thereby starting the Cubillo clan in Darwin. To see this historical photo in color is amazing, I love it, thank you.

Joyce Davis 29-Nov-2021:
I am pretty sure the old lady in black is Eliza Tuckwell and the the man in the grey coat next to her is Ned TUCKWELL. They both arrived on the first ship that came to Darwin to populate it. Ned built the first Government House. Eliza & Ned TUCKWELLll were the parents of Eliza who was the second wife of V V BROWN and tthey were the parents of Jack BROWN who married my aunty Eileen JOHNSON. Old Mrs Tuckwell always dressed in black with a black hat and sometimes with a lace collar as shown, but mostly with a black dress with a high neck and a black hat.

Joyce Davis 30-Nov-2021:
Don & Cheryl, I am going to attach a copy of a photo that I took from the original (that my mother owned) of V V BROW & his M-I-L Eliza TUCKWELL. I took a copy of it and sent the original to my cousins Dorothy Donaldson & Laurel SCHRODER both nee BROWN the daughters of Jack BROWN & my mother's sister Eileen JOHNSON. From Dereks reply Ned died in 1882 s00s before her o if that is Ned Tuckwell the photo must have been taken before that, or if it wasn't then the man can't be Ned. I have another photo somewhere with Eliza Tuckwell in it taken in the 1900s befor. Her death in 1921 however I cant seem to put my finger on it just now so perhaps Cyclone Tracey wanted it more than me. Please excuse any lapses of name that I leave blank as I can't remember at the time ut I do so after the occasion, as I am 87 years old. I love your colouring of the photos so keep up the good work. Regards Joy DAVIS nee DRYSDALE

I will add this info to the page. I tried a colour version of this image, but it isn't great, so I didn't put an ID on it. I hope you can get some enjoyment out of it. PS thanks also for your support. Much appreciated.


Derek Pugh 28-Nov-2021:
Nice photo. I question the date. In 1890 Foelsche (1831-1914) was 59 years old. Charlotte (1840-1899) was 50 years old. It would be nice to know the names of the others in this pic - can anyone help?. Is that Charlotte on Foelsche's right? If it is, both Paul and Charlotte look older than 59 and 50. The photos date therefore might be later in the 1990s... 1896 perhaps, before the cyclone. Another thought is that Foelsche was a robust, overweight man. This image of him as an elder shows he has lost weight - if he is in the last few years of his life could the photo date from the 1900s? ... Or perhaps this is not Foelsche at all, just a man who trimmed his beard in the same way...

Derek Pugh 29-Nov-2021:
Joyce, I agree it may be Eliza Tuckwell. (She and her daughter, Eleanor, incidentally, were the first women to enroll to vote). The man cannot be Ned however, as he died in 1882 at the age of 52. He was a popular man and nearly the whole community followed his coffin to the cemetery: MR EDWARD TUCKWELL, one of our oldest residents, has passed from amongst us very suddenly at the comparatively early age of fifty-two. Probably no man met with more vicissitudes, more ups and downs, than our deceased friend during his life in the Northern Territory… His remains were followed to the cemetery by nearly the whole of the residents of Port Darwin, the service being read by the Government Resident, Mr E W. Price. In concluding this brief notice, we say by his death the Government have lost a good, honest, and faithful servant, and one whom they will find it difficult to replace. (Obituary, NTTG 29 April 1882).

Eliza 'Granny' Tuckwell died in 1921, aged 85. She and Ned are both buried in Goyder Rd Cemetary. Eleanor married Tom Styles and their family dynasty contains several important historic and pioneering individuals, such as the nurse and unionist, Eileen Fitzer. V. V. Brown married Eliza Sarah Tuckwell in 1901. He helped Granny Tuckwell rebuild after the 1997 cyclone. Perhaps these two are the couple on the left...???

By the way, Ned's work in Government House can still be seen in the stonework of the cellar and the major wall around the sitting room. He and Ned Ryan (who built Ryan's Well) were gifted builders.

0800-077 Port Darwin harbour past Doctor's residence on right.
The bottom of Hughes Avenue. Possibly Late 1880s.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/733056
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT  
Collection: Peter Spillett Collection

View to Port Darwin harbour.
The house was built for Gilbert McMinn.
Doctor's residence on right. At the end of Hughes Avenue.

Posted 29-November-2021