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Last Updated on September 23, 2022

Images: 0800-301 to 0800-350 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.

Many old photographs and stories of the history of Darwin


Please share this story with your family and friends so that they can read about the Darwin stories, its history,  and what it has to offer tourists. 

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Darwin Gallery Index. Images 0800-301 to 0800-350

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Images: 0800-301 to 0800-350 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
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Table of Contents

The Stories:

0800-301 Building the Charles Point lighthouse for Port Darwin 1893.

Image and Description: Robert Porter.

Building the Charles Point lighthouse in 1893. This was prefabricated in Birmingham U.K and shipped to Australia in crates.

Posted 2-August-2022


0800-302 Group at the Palmerston Archery Club, Palmerston - Port Darwin Circa 1887.

Group at the Palmerston Archery Club, Palmerston c. 1887
Photo number: PH0238/2104
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/741235
Peter Spillett Collection

Sitting 2nd from left Ludmilla Holtze;  
others unidentified. Matthew Stephen [18 July 2015] noted the presence of an Aboriginal youth in the back, probably a servant and also pointed out that the Foeslche photograph from the Palmerston Archery Club c. 1886, Paul Foelsche,
State Library of South Australia, B24245, appears to be a more formal photograph
of the same event

Posted 3-August-2022


0800-303 Rothdale Road Jingili Darwin. 1969.

Image Source: April Tomlin

Rothdale road Mcmillans road end facing towards Trower road. Year 1969.

Posted 4-August-2022


0800-304 The Estelle at Southport Jetty Port Darwin 1878.

Photographer: Foelsche, P. (Paul), 1831-1914
 Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/436144

The Estelle at Southport Jetty 1878 . Depicts the the boat at the jetty and a number of store buildings at left.

Posted 5-August-2022


0800-305 Six debutants, Darwin Catholic Ball.1940.

Image Source: Tony Stokes 28 Dec-2021

Six debutants, Darwin Catholic Ball.1940

Tony Stokes 28 Dec-2021
While spending time with my wonderful 97 yo aunt, Joyce Wheatley nee. Bowman, over Christmas I showed her this photo from her photo collection. She features in it as one of six debutants presented at the 24 July 1940 Darwin Catholic Ball. Also appended is the 'Northern Standard' article two days later about the
Ball (with thanks to TROVE). Joyce identified people in the photo as follows:

Left to Right:
Flower Girls: Margaret Lyons and Joy Lord;

Esme Finniss, Maureen O’Brien, Sheila Spain (not in article), Dorothy Lyons, Charles Abbott (NT Administrator), Hilda Abbott, James Fairbairn (Minister for Air), Father William Henschke, unidentified (probably Edna Ackroyd), Joyce Bowman, Pauline Conanan,

George Thomas, Brian Rawling, unidentified, Peggy Smyth, Bill West, Jack Bowman, John Perez

(1) The newspaper got the name of Joyce's partner of the night wrong. It was her brother, Jack Bowman, who is standing behind her.

(2) The article also fails to mention Sheila Spain as a debutant.

(3) Minister Fairbairn died tragically with nine other people 3 weeks later on 13 August as
their aircraft was coming in to land at Canberra Airport.

Posted 6-August-2022


0800-306 The Police Station, Southport. Port Darwin 1879.

Photographer Foelsche, P Collection

Posted 7-August-2022


0800-307 Palmerston - Darwin. Fannie Bay Goal after the cyclone. 1897.

Image Source: N/A

Andrew King:

The 15th July. On this day in Darwin History 1893

On 15th July 1893 was the first official execution in the Northern Territory. The condemned man was a Queensland ‘half-caste’ named Charlie Flannigan. On the evening of the 19th Flannigan left the card game he was playing and returned a
few minutes later with a Snider rifle. Accounts vary as to whether there had been an argument between Sam Croker and Flannigan, or whether there was an old enmity between them, but in any case, Flannigan shot Sam dead. The following morning he helped bury Croker in the station cemetery and then fled to Ord River
Station where he was talked into giving himself up. Tried in Darwin, Flannigan was convicted of Sam Croker’s murder and sentenced to death. He was hanged at Fannie Bay Gaol on 15th July 1893.

Posted 8-August-2022


0800-308 View looking from Darwin Wharf towards Stokes Hill Circa 1940.

Image Source: N/A

In the foreground at Stokes Hill, is the terminal for the Qantas Imperial Airways flying boats.

Posted 9-August-2022


0800-309 Ruth Boyce with daughters Lea and Denise at the Darwin Wharf. 1955.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/717746
Denise Garside Collection.

Ruth Boyce with daughters Lea and Denise at the Darwin Wharf. 1955

Posted 10-August-2022


0800-310 Goyder survey party Fort Point Port Darwin. 1869.

SLSA B 9749
Photographer: Samuel Sweet

Goyder survey party Fort Point Port Darwin. 1869.

Basically at the base of  Hughes Avenue at Goyder Park.

Posted 11-August-2022


0800-311 New Izod Motors under construction. Knuckey Street Darwin 1953.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/710561
Collection: Izod Collection

The new Izod Motors during the construction process, Knuckey and Cavenagh Street.

Posted 12-August-2022


0800-312 Laying of the Foundation Stone, Church of England Smith Street Palmerston - Port Darwin 1902.

Image Source: N/A

1902 On the 12th July 1902 the ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone for the Church of England in Smith Street occurs and is later reported in the Northern Territory Times and Gazette. The stone was laid on the Saturday but on Sunday night was disturbed by person or persons unknown looking for valuables under it.

Joyce Davis:
Did you all know that my grandfather (William Drysdale a stonemason), built the first Church of England Church in Smith Street. He and his Chinese Labourers as well as others in Darwin would take the boat out towing flat topped other boats at high tide from Darwin Wharf around the point to Nightcliff.

Then at low tide they would select the stone that William wanted and mark out the rectangles to cut the stone into blocks. At each corner of the rectangle they would drill holes into the tone and hammer in wooden pegs. When they were
all finished they would light a big bonfire on top of the rocks and wait for the high tide to reach them.

When this happened the cold water would swell the wooden dowels and the hot rocks would split in perfect rectangles to the size they wanted then at low tide again they would carry the rocks out and load them on to the barges ready for
the next high tide to allow them to sail around to the Darwin wharf again, unload them onto a Chinese mans' bullock wagon to be transported up to the site of the building. The church was built in 1902 without the outside porch of latter years. The porch was added by navy men during the war years.

My grandfathers initials were carved in one of the stones at the back of the church. I and my eldest sister Jean were married in this church. Sadly CT blew all of it down except for the front wall that had the porch the navy built attached.

I think my niece Judy Beard may have posted photos of the church before and after the porch was added so I won't double up on that. The contract to build the church was in V V Brown's name but as he was related through marriage to
William Drysdale if one or the other had not finished one contract when another was due to be started they would swap contracts, so that is how V V had the contract but William actually carried it out.

Posted 13-August-2022


0800-313 Robert Monteith with a group dressed in theatre clothes. Darwin 1920.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/629259
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Collection: Robert Monteith Collection

Robert Monteith with a group of people dressed in theatre clothes

Posted 14-August-2022


0800-314 Bond's Tour employees, Darwin 1947.

Image Source:

Bond's employees, Kevin Harris (left) and Eric Altorfer, pictured in front of one of the buses in Darwin. 1947

Posted 15-August-2022


0800-315 Victoria Hotel, Smith Street, Darwin, 1941.

Image Source:
State Library of South Australia

Posted 16-August-2022


0800-316 Darwin ANA Day Parade 1937.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/786778
Charles Micet Collection ;

Darwin ANA Day, 1937. McFarland, Farrel, Kaufy and Sol Green, with Charles Micet. The parade float is a toilet on the back of truck, registration plate "DDW30".

Posted 17-August-2022


0800-317 George McLachlan, Senior Surveyor Port Darwin Circa 1870.


Portrait of George G. MacLachlan, surveyor on the Northern Territory Survey Expedition.

On 23rd July, 1870, one month after the "Bengal" brought news of the Overland
Telegraph, George McLachlan, Senior Surveyor, rode out southward from Port
Darwin in search of a route for the telegraph line. With him were five men named Wells, Dean, Ringwood, Mason, and Rix. They took a course that brought them to the Mary, McKinlay, and upper Katherine rivers, partly following Stuart's route. They found two horses Stuart had left behind eight years before. The explorers then returned to Darwin.

Posted 18-August-2022


0800-318 Brown's Mart Smith Street Darwin as Police Headquarters 1969.

Image Source: N/A

On 18th July 1952 the Northern Territory administration took over Brown's Building (the Mart) from the Navy. The acting Government Secretary noted that the building had no lavatory accommodation and the water supply was not connected. The Crown Law Officer advised that he would require the whole building for office accommodation for himself, legal officers, clerical and typing staff, law library and retiring room.

Posted 19-August-2022


0800-319 Sgt Hajime Toyoshima, first Japanese POW on Australian soil. Darwin 1942.

Picture: Australian War Memorial

27 Feb 1942: A Cowra Breakout leader, Sgt Hajime Toyoshima (left). He was the first Japanese prisoner-of-war captured on Australian soil in World War 2 during 19 Feb air raids on Darwin. (Holding the fighter pilot's service pistol is Sgt Leslie J. Powell, 23 Field Coy, Royal Australian Engineers.) On 5 Aug 1944, he was one of 231 Japanese POWs killed when 1,100 broke out of a camp near Cowra.

Posted 20-August-2022


0800-320 Coconut palm avenue in the Botanic Gardens, Darwin. 1920.

1920 Collection

Woman and two small children standing at the entrance to Palm Avenue.

Posted 21-August-2022


0800-321 Smith Street Darwin. The Star Theatre and Cashmans.1948.

Ref: WA-15442-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Darwin street scene including the Star Theatre and Cashmans, Australia. 1948.

Posted 22-August-2022


0800-322 Vice-regal group visit. Sir George Le Hunt, then Governor of South Australia, Darwin 1905.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/734791
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT  
Collection: Roger Nott Collection

Vice-regal visit of Sir George Le Hunt, then Governor of South Australia, in 1905.

Standing Oscar (or Lloyd) Herbert, Aide de camp, sitting Mr. Justice Herbert, Lady Le Hunt, Sir George Le Hunt, Mrs Herbert, Pauline Herbert seated in front, photo taken in garden.

Posted 23-August-2022


0800-323 Dripstone Rocks Darwin. Australian General Hospital staff. Circa 1945.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/717164
Brinkin Casuarina Beach Dripstone Caves
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT

Dripstone Rocks, Casuarina Beach
A range of photo's taken whilst in Darwin with 107 Australian General Hospital (AGH) Darwin 1944/45

Google Street View:

Posted 24-August-2022


0800-324 Nicholas, Michael, George, and Jack Haritos Cavenagh Street, Darwin, 1963.

Image Source: The Haritos Family.

The Haritos brothers, from left to right, Nicholas, Michael, George, and Jack outside their store on Cavenagh Street, Darwin, dressed to meet Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on the royal yacht HMY Britannia in 1963.

Posted 25-August-2022


0800-325 McMillan Bros residence. Cavenagh Street, Darwin. 1937.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/333926
Buscall Collection ;

McMillan Bros residence, section 386, Cavenagh Street, Darwin.

Approx half way between Knuckey and Peel Streets.

Posted 26-August-2022


0800-326 Children of Villiess Clarence Murray Presley at Myilly Point Port Darwin Circa 1910.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/720734
E. J. Nielson Collection ;

Children of Villiess Clarence Murray Presley, Darwin's Mayor, at Myilly Point home, Larrakeyah. Clarence, Janet, Edward, Duncan. Shows four outside house, their clothes indicative of the era.

Posted 27-August-2022


0800-327 The RSL on the corner of Smith and Knuckey Streets Darwin 1924.

Image source: N/A

The RSL on the corner of Smith and Knuckey Streets Darwin 1924 Next to what is now Raintree Park.

Built by Harold Snell, was under construction in 1922, and opened in 1923. Suvived the war, and was used for dances in the 1950s.

Posted 28-August-2022


0800-328 Fort Hill Camp Port Darwin Circa 1869-70.

Image source: N/A

Fort Hill Camp 1869-70 looking towards the early town of Palmerston. The
beginnings of the residency can be seen on the hill on the left.

Posted 29-August-2022


0800-329 Fort Hill Camp Port Darwin Circa 1869-70 Looking towards Doctors Gully.

Image source: N/A

Fort Hill Camp 1869-70 taken from Fort Hill looking towards Doctors Gully.

Posted 30-August-2022


0800-330 Knuckey’s camp, Port Darwin 1869

Photographer Joseph Brooks. Northern Territory Library,
Goyder Expedition Collection PH0837/0019

Posted 31-August-2022


0800-331 Southern Star aircraft Fanny Bay Darwin. Circa 1930.

Original Photo Source: Library & Archives NT
Photographer: Marylyn Nichols Collection
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/747247

Description: A group of people looking at a plane. Written on side of plane: 'Southern Star' Australian Air Mail and Passenger Service Australia - England England - Australia Australian National Airways Ltd ?? Sydney Australia

Posted 1-September-2022


0800-332 Terminus Hotel and the tree of Knowledge, Cavenagh Street Darwin Circa 1915.

Photographer: Ryko, Ted
Citation address:https://hdl.handle.net/10070/749849
Karilyn Brown Collection

A group of men under the banyan tree in front of the Terminus Hotel. See also PH0413/0079

Terminus Hotel was demolished in 1936. Tree of knowledge in Cavenagh Street.

TROVE 1927:
OFFERS are invited for" the purchase of the freehold of these premises known as the Terminus Hotel, situated in Cavenagh Street, Darwin, Northern Territory, being Sections 296, 297, 298 and 306 Town of Darwin, County of Palmerston, Northern Territory, and containing an area of approximately two acres. The buildings situated thereon will be unfurnished.

Posted 2-September-2022


0800-333 Lal & I at Lameroo Beach sunbathing. Darwin 1949.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/433572
Date: 1949-09-00 

MS in blue on verso Lal & I at Lameroo Beach

Posted 3-September-2022


0800-334 In 1873, the horse racing industry in Palmerston Port Darwin, had its debut.

Image Source: Advertiser, 1873

In 1873, the horse racing industry in Palmerston Port Darwin, had its debut. "Bowerlee" won the ‘Maidens’ ridden by a jockey named Griffith George Todd.

In 1873, the horse racing industry in Palmerston had its debut. It was encouraged by Government Resident Douglas, whose horse ‘Bowerlee’ raced in the ‘Maidens’ in the first race meeting on Easter Monday, April 14. It was ridden by a jockey named Griffith George Todd, over one mile. G.G. Todd was Sir Charles Todd's nephew. ‘Bowerlee’ won £15, beating 'Snip', 'Alpha', 'Palmerston', and 'Young Victoria'. She also won the £20 ‘Ladies Purse’ later in the day (Advertiser, 1873).

The Darwin Cup on 1 August 2022 was won by 'Playoffs' ridden by Jarrod Todd. Is Jarrod part of a dynasty of Todd family jockeys?

Posted 4-September-2022


0800-335 Joe's Snack Bar Daly Street Darwin. Circa 1940s.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/721420
Gunn Collection.

People outside Joe's Snack Bar, Daly Street. The snack bar contents were up for sale 22 November 1946. Date circa 1940s?

Posted 5-September-2022


0800-336 Joy Drysdale, Margaret Lyons and Thea Lyons, Darwin Hotel 1957.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/333410
Joy Davis Collection. ;

Women at Wedding Reception 1957
Some women at Ray Barrett's and Pauline Richardson's wedding reception, from left to right, Joy Drysdale, Margaret Lyons and Thea Lyons, Darwin Hotel, corner of Herbert Street and The Esplanade, Darwin, NT, 29 May 1957.

Posted 6-September-2022


0800-337 Main Camp, Palmerston - Port Darwin. Overland Telegraph Construction Party. Circa 1870.