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  • Finding an ancestor or friend’s burial site at the Rainbow Cemetery in Victoria.

Last Updated on October 9, 2021

Finding an ancestor or friend’s burial site at the Rainbow Cemetery in Victoria.

This is a quick heads up to assist readers and researchers with the location and information of burial sites in the Rainbow Cemetery.


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Online Facilities:

Findagrave Website:

This site isn't bad as it lists many additional details such as dates, births-deaths, and some photos.

1125 names are listed. They suggest you register, but I don't know what additional access this offers you, however it appears you are able to add-edit their Database. Certainly worth a browse around.

Ozgenonline Website:

Headstone photographs from RAINBOW CEMETERY, Victoria are available free by e-mailing a request to Carol.
Please remember to include the name of the cemetery in your request. The photographs and list were updated in September 2010.
This site below lists 838 names and headstone photographs available for free:

Billiongraves Website:

Has a total records count of 1194, and 1027 Images.
They are trying to talk you into a paid account, but there is a free one. You must sign up with Facebook, or an email account. It looks like it allows you
to add, or edit their Database. This is the one I find has more info and easier to navigate.
You don't have to sign in to anything to have a look around.

Free BillionGraves Account.

BillionGraves Short Video

Here is 7:25 minute video of what to expect if giving Billiongraves website a go:

Off-line or direct:

Then there is the "Rainbow Cemetery Trust" in Rainbow. As a very much loved resident of the town recently passed away, I know that the current contact details are incorrect. And I have no idea of the procedure of locating grave sites in Rainbow. Both of my grand parents are buried there in unidentified graves, so I assume you are able to get a plot number and location if you approach the Trust.

I know someone with more knowledge than me, will set me/us straight on this procedure.

Joanne Thomas
or contact our fantastic secretary. Jodie Jane Keller

Horsham Historical Society

Trevor Bretag
I believe that the Horsham Historical Society have taken photos of all the Headstones in the Rainbow Cemetery. A fire destroyed many of the original records that were kept at the Cemetery.

The Horsham Members of the Wimmera Genealogical Society have taken photos of headstones from most cemeteries in the Wimmera Region. Their Library is situated in Room 1, Mechanics Institute Building, 33 Pynsent St Horsham Victoria, and is open on Tuesday afternoons, 1.30pm to 4.30pm or by appointment.

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Last Updated on October 9, 2021

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