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Last Updated on October 13, 2021

The Car Opposite the Rainbow Commonwealth Hotel 1950’s. What is it?

The Top Pub in colour. 

Such a magnificent original photograph. Federal St late 1950s.

This is another great find from Dianne Dickson's Facebook page. Picture looks like it was taken from around what is now 3 Federal St. We had a guess at the person in the picture. Number 8 and 10 Federal St are next door to the Hotel (Friendly Home Furnishers), and still exist today.


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Click on any image below to see it in full size.  

Image 1

This vehicle took a long time to ID. My thanks to Stuart Mitchell for the lead. Once I got onto the manufacturer's name "Desoto", it became a lot easier. Possibly a few days to finally find it, as each year had very different features, and the very dark area around the grill and bonnet, didn't help with recognizing the manufacturer's badge or logo, and the large words "Desoto" than runs right across the front of the bonnet. It is a 1954 DeSoto Coupe-Utility, Australian version.

Image 2

Hard to find a good picture of this as most modern photos show them hot rodded up, with missing ornaments and badges. However, here is an original.

Image 3

1954 Desoto Coupe-Utility, Australia. Many variants of this, but this is the one that was delivered in Australia, and I believe this is the vehicle in the color Commonwealth pub picture.

Image 4

Just to finish the car image story off, here is a much nicer picture of a 1954 Desoto Sedan.

Image 5

Who is this person? Is it Ian (flop) Dawson

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Last Updated on October 13, 2021

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