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Last Updated on September 4, 2022

Images: 0800-101 to 0800-150 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.

Many old photographs and stories of the history of Darwin


Please share this story with your family and friends so that they can read about the Darwin stories, its history,  and what it has to offer tourists. 

Thank you very much, Don...

Darwin Gallery Index. Images 0800-101 to 0800-150

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Images: 0800-001 to 0800-050 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-051 to 0800-100 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-101 to 0800-150 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-151 to 0800-200 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-201 to 0800-250 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-251 to 0800-300 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
Images: 0800-301 to 0800-350 Darwin Gallery of historical B&W photos converted to colour.
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Table of Contents

The Stories:

0800-101 British-Australian Telegraph Company Staff. Darwin 1916.

1916 Collection Part of Searcy Collection

B.A.Telegraph Company, Darwin 1916

A staff group from the B.A.Telegraph Company, Darwin, Northern Territory; names not known.

Posted 23-December-2021


0800-102 Fannie Bay Hotel, East Point Road Darwin. 1960s.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/308670
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT

Fannie Bay Hotel Darwin 1960s
Fannie Bay Hotel, East Point Road, Darwin 1960s.

Posted 24-December-2021

0800-103 Interior of Jolly's Store. Smith and Bennett Street Darwin. Circa 1909-1920.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/748342
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT  
Collection: Coburg Collection

Interior of Jolly's Store 1909-1920

Inside Jolly's store sometime between 1909 and 1920. Probably Christmas time as there are decorations evident.

Christmas stockings, paper daisy chain decorations.

Posted 25-December-2021


0800-104 Joy Collins. East Point Road, Fannie Bay Darwin 1954.

Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Joy Collins Collection

Joy Collins Fannie Bay 1954

Official opening of Red Cross Convalescent Home, East Point Road, by the Governor General Sir William Slim. NT General Secretary Joy Collins (nee Geiger) (only Red Cross uniformed personnel) with Andrea Vidgeon, younger daughter of Red Cross Chairman, Frank and Joyce Vidgeon. The Home was built by Progressive Builders.

Posted 26-December-2021


0800-105 Buscall's buckboard stops. Chinatown, Cavenagh Street Darwin. 1915.

Original Photo Source: Kerry Mark.
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/333742
Collection: Buscall Collection
Date Created: 01/03/1915

Buscall's buckboard stops. 1915.

J. C. Buscall's buckboard 'stops' against verandah post in Chinatown, Cavenagh Street. AWU Office sign is displayed

Posted 27-December-2021

I wrote an article some time ago about Facebook,  and what they do with photos that are posted on their pages.

You basically loose all rights to them, and they on-sell them to other companies, with everyone (with the exception of the original owner) making a profit.

See the short story at the green link below:

As Kerry Mark suggests, the best thing that happen to any historical photo is to have an official group such as the NT Govt. Territory Stories archive them so that they can be shared in the future by everyone, and not on-sold by greedy companies that are stealing our history.

It would be nice if the original source of the image was credited in all cases, however this may not be always practical. Just getting an approximate year and short description on any photo can be an absolute bonus.


Kerry Mark:

This is a picture I own. I posted it to fb and obviously it has been picked up and stored in the Buscall (my family) collection. I feel selfish and annoyed when I see my photos used like this BUT it’s the very best thing that can happen to them at the same time! I encourage everyone with history of people and places that interest others to share it although it might bring out this feeling of “hey…that’s mine, how dare you do this to it”.

I believe the bloke in the centre looking to the left is my great grandfather JC Buscall.

0800-106 Levelling Fort Hill Darwin 1939.

Photographer: Buscall, J. C
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/332333
Collection: Buscall Collection
Date: 17-06-1939

Levelling Fort Hill 1939

Contractor Coulson's plant at work levelling off Fort Hill for naval purposes.


KC Martin-Stone

Fort Hill wasn't completely levelled in 1939. That occurred in 1965 when the iron ore loader was erected.

There is still a tiny little bit of it left! But the Balanda started levelling it in 1869 - the bottom of Hughes Avenue was ramped with earth taken from the benched pads of houses and tents in the lower slopes of the hill. Then in 1939, a lot of it was levelled for the construction of the Boom Shed, where the WWII boom net across the harbour was built.

This levelling reclaimed a bit of land in Kitchener Bay. Then in 1965, they levelled pretty much the rest of it, for the Frances Creek iron ore wharf and loader. At that point, the two graves from the top of the hill (dating to 1869/1870) were relocated to the McMillans Rd cemetery. The last little bit of hill, that supported part of the loader, will probably be removed for the hotel that might one day be built there (if it hasn’t been removed already - I haven’t been down there for a while).

Posted 28-December-2021

0800-107 Sir Keith Smith Darwin 1930.

Collection: Part of Ross and Keith Smith Collection

Sir Keith Smith at Sir Ross Smith's memorial in Fannie Bay, Darwin, Northern Territory. 1930.

Posted 29-December-2021

0800-108 Woman at Lameroo Baths Darwin 1948.

Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/433979
Copyright owner: Library & Archives NT
Beaches - Northern Territory - Darwin

Woman on Lameroo Beach Darwin 1948

Posted 30-December-2021

Tony Stokes 30-December-2021
I remember as a tike being taken to them by dad when two manta rays swam over the walls (must have been on a big tide or waves). He was one of the police trying to work out what to do. A mob of people had gathered and my recollection
is that the rays were speared by Aboriginals. Not sure though. Would have been 1955-58 period but TROVE (National Library of Australia) only goes up to 1955.

BTW, the Baths opened in 1922 as these two articles from the 'Brisbane Courier' of 15 May 1922 and the 'Northern Standard' of 20 August 1953 relate. Thank you TROVE for saving and allowing access to them.


0800-109 New Years Eve Fannie Bay Darwin 1960.

Date Created: 31/12/1960
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/750501
Collection: Howard Truran Collection

New Years Eve Fannie Bay 1960

"The Clefs", New Years Eve, Fannie Bay Hotel

Posted 31-December-2021


0800-110 Darwin A day at the Races. Mid 1920s.

Photographer: Sutherland, Bruce
Citation address: https://hdl.handle.net/10070/472127

Darwin and surrounding areas 1925-472127-4

Darwin A day at the Races. Mid 1920s.

Letter in Volume 2 from Bruce Sutherland: These photographs were taken by myself (whilst stationed at Darwin, North Australia 1924/27 with the B.A.T. (British Austalian Telegraph Co.) who handled overseas communidations to & from Australia, to Batavia (Java) and Singapore. There were approximately 25 on the staff (English, N.Z. & Aust.) and the pictures 11 indicate the most interesting life we were able to conjure up in our spare time. I am now handing over this album to Mr. Roy Edwards with whom I spent most of my experiences in this locality. Darwin's population was then only 400 white people.

This individual photograph has no other identifying details given.

All dressed up. Big smiles all round. Perhaps a day at the races.

Posted 1-January-2022